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هدف زندگی
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مرتضی مطهری/ Morteza Motahhari

Born in Fariman Village, Iran January 31, 1919

Died May 01, 1979

Website http://motahari.org/

Genre ReligionSpiritualityContemporary

Influences: Muhammad Hosayn TabatabaiMoosavi KhomeiniMulla Sadr
Also Spelled Murtada Mutahhari/ Murtadha Mutahhari / Murtadha Muthahhari  مرتضی مطهری
The 'Martyred Professor' Ayatollah Murtadha Mutahhari was a prominent Shi'a jurist, philosopher, theologian, thinker, and writer of the twentieth century. 
He was a student of 'Allamah Tabataba'i and Imam Khomeini and was considered to be one of the most influential contemporary Iranian clerics in expounding upon Islamic teachings, in keeping pace with the need of the time. 
Prior to the Islamic Revolution, Mutahhari's intellectual struggle against the Marxist movement in Iran played a stellar role in turning away the youth from its ideology.
He was one of the founders of Husayniyya-yi Irshad, a very important center for the propagation of Islamic teachings prior to the revolution. Elucidating Islamic beliefs and acting according to the need of the time were the characteristics of Mutahaari's intellectual activities.
Islamic concepts that were earlier dealt with in a complicated and difficult manner were presented by Mutahhari in a simple and easy manner in his own personal style. His books on different topics have been repeatedly published in Persian and other languages. Mutahhari is considered an influential person and an intellectual leader of the Islamic revolution of Iran.


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